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We aim to make the adoption experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Initially we recommend that you complete and send through an expression of interest application. (Please see the -" Contact Us" page)  

When a litter is 6weeks+ of age and after they have been fully vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped, we will contact you via the email address that you have provided in the "expression of interest" application.


We may then pop the puppies onto our Instagram page. If you respond to my email, I may also make phone contact with you and speak with you regarding the puppies, if I haven't done so previously.

Once I have spoken with you and it is confirmed that you will be an "Adorable Puppies Parent" a specified deposit is required to reserve the puppy that is right for you.  (We will also send you an email regarding the puppy that you have specified)


After the initial deposit to hold your chosen puppy is made, the said puppy is removed from any advertising and is not made available to anyone who enquires.

* We do not hold a puppy until an initial deposit is made.


 I will also send an email to new owners called" Puppy items" which is an information brochure. This brochure that will provide information of what your puppy is currently eating, their shampoo, worming treatment, flea treatments etc. This is sent  to assist you with your new puppies transition into your home.

If picking up in person and you are wishing to pay via Direct Deposit the final payment is to be cleared  in our account by 2 working days before your puppy leaves our care or cash on pick up is also accepted on the day of pick up. 

If you are unable to pick the puppy up in person, we will arrange transport by a third party  (eg. "Jetpets" if by air or a trusted  Dog Courier that we have previously worked with, if by road).

lf leaving by air or road with a third person, final payment is to be cleared  in our account by 2 working days before your puppy leaves our care. 

On final payment, we send our new puppy parents a puppy pack with heaps of goodies in it and also include your puppies very own personalised folder.

(We require a home or business address to send this to if your puppy is leaving us through a third party, otherwise you will receive your puppy pack on pick up). Please note that once a puppy pack is sent/handed to you it is non-returnable.

 Please note: We are getting a large amount of breeders enquiring about, and wanting our puppies. Please be aware that I am more than happy to try and assist people who are honest and upfront with me. We do send out De-sexing Contracts and we find that honesty prevents any complications upfront.

That said, my puppies are bred by me to be (Pet) Companion Animals Only. We do not knowingly sell our puppies to puppy mills or indiscriminate breeders. We have, and will continue to spend a great amount of time and care in making sure people who buy puppies from us, get great companions.

It will be my pleasure to hold a puppy exclusively for an adoptive family, once a puppy has been selected and a deposit paid, the deposit can be transferred to a future puppy if their first choice should become unavailable (eg. due to unforeseen circumstances). A deposit cannot be refunded if the purchaser simply changes their mind about the puppy they have chosen.

We reserve the right to cancel a purchase if we feel that this is in the best interests of our puppy. In these circumstances a refund of the deposit will be returned by us, to you immediately via bank deposit. (purchaser to provide bank deposit details) 

Most puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 to 10 weeks of age, however, we reserve the right to keep the puppy for an extra period of time If we believe it is in the best interests of that puppy (eg. runt, vet recommendation)  We will continue to speak with you and keep you updated regarding the puppy and let you know when the puppy is ready to go to its new home. 

Please note - we understand that this is an exciting time and I will accommodate you wherever I can, however please be aware that we are constantly working on, and maintaining our large farm, tending to our animals needs, running a business all whilst being parents  to our wonderful children. 

Please know that If you do call or message, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

When a puppy does go to a new home, I will not call or message unless very important, but that said, I am here for you and you can message or call whenever you would like. I always love hearing about our puppies and I do care for their welfare, so I will always help with information to your inquiries.


I regularly hear from and get sent a lot of pictures/updates from the owners of our previous  puppies and this to me, is one of the many satisfying and heart-warming moments of being a responsible Breeder.

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