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BREED - Toy Poodle
STATUS - Dallas is a Registered Pedigree with Dogs NSW.
PERSONALITY - Dallas is very friendly and loves playing with the other dogs and getting hugs from the family. He is cheeky and playful and absolutely loves water. His best friend is Honey. 
FEATURES - Dallas is a dark Red/Mahogany coloured Registered Pedigree Toy Poodle. He weighs 4kg.
Full DNA Tested


BREED - English Cocker Spaniel
STATUS - Charlie is a Registered Pedigree with Dogs NSW.
PERSONALITY - Charlie is a loveable big Goof Ball. He is friendly and always manages to put a smile on peoples faces. He loves zooming down the slide  and isn't afraid to try anything new. Unlike the other Sires, he takes a genuine interest in his puppies and enjoys their company. He is a big Teddy Bear and and his best friend is Chelsea. 
FEATURES - Charlie is a Golden/Red coloured Purebred, Registered Pedigree English Cocker Spaniel. He weighs 12kg.
Full DNA Tested



BREED - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
STATUS - Ruby is a Registered Pedigree with Dogs NSW.
PERSONALITY -  Ruby is gorgeous in looks and in her nature. Like the other ladies, she is an incredible mum. however she not only dotes her her puppies, but the puppies of other Mums too. (The other mums don't mind as she is trusted by them all)  She is playful, yet very gentle.  She has an extremely sweet personality.
FEATURES - She has a beautiful Rich Red coat and weighs 7kg
Full DNA Tested


BREED - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
PERSONALITY - Cookie is probably the shyest of the group, however once she is comfortable with you, you will be her best friend. She enjoys being silly with Dallas and also enjoys a nap with her friend Elli. 
FEATURES - She has a Blenheim coat. (Meaning she is White with Red markings) She weighs 7kg.
Full DNA Tested
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