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Home Alone - How to Keep your dog busy while your out...

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


So your about to leave the house and your puppy looks up at you with those big, round, heart melting eyes and you as if to say, "Your not leaving me all by my little, defenceless self are you"?

We have compiled a list of fun ideas to leave with your fur baby, before you walk out that door....however it does come with a "WARNING = They may not even notice that you have gone."

Sometimes it is easier to look at this from a dogs point of view.... so here we go -

* "No one's here, It's really quiet" = Before you walk out the door, leave the television on to an easy listening volume level. It will give the dog the idea that there are still people around. You can also do the same with the radio.

* "Not this same darn toy again" = If you were given the same item to play with for hours on end, you would get bored of it too. Remember to mix it up for your pet and change toys around every second day to keep them entertained and busy. (also a good excuse to buy your loyal companion a new dog gift ) There are so many fun toys on the market and allowing your dog to experience different textures and explore different toys will keep them busy while you are not home.

* "I want to go out as well" = In your dogs eyes, everyone in their life gets to leave the house and go out on an adventure, so why cant they?

Puppy Day-care has great benefits for your pet, it will enable them to socialise with other pets/humans, and it is a great form of exercise for them as well. I would always suggest visiting a day-care first (preferably with your dog), meeting the staff and seeing what they do with the animals there, to make sure that you are happy and comfortable with the service and environment that they offer and to make sure that they are the best doggy day-care for both of you.

Dog Walkers are also a fantastic idea, and this will provide exercise for your dog as well, which will provide excellent benefits for you and them.

* "I wish I had a friend to talk to" - Ask around, perhaps one of your friends or work colleagues has a dog that spends the day by themselves as well. As long as the two dogs are introduced properly and they get along, it may be the perfect solution for them to spend their days together, perhaps even alternating between households from day to day. The possibilities are endless.

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